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Corporate transport by bus

Transfer services for businesses



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work transport



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Advantages of employee transport by bus

The modern management of an organisation involves the introduction in its centre of the most important element, absent until recently: employee satisfaction. The principle is very simple, a satisfied employee becomes a proactive and productive collaborator. Small businesses which have become world giants in innovative sectors are the role models.

The relationship of a business with its surroundings is equally important for achieving excellence in any organisation. The attendance of the human team at large events and meetings with customers and suppliers, regularly requires an external partner for their transport.

Autobuses Vialco offers companies, their senior managers and human resource managers all of the transfer services needed to  boost the human resource policy, and provide their transport in the framework of the company’s relationships with the outside (Meetings, Incentives Conferences and Events) from the logistics of passenger transport.

We offer companies a wide range of corporate transport services with a modern fleet of buses and microbuses, suitable for transporting their employees to business events, trade fairs and conferences, and to transport employees on regular work routes and rewards trips.

What are the benefits of corporate transport? From the company’s point of view, corporate transport facilitates the management of large groups of people and their punctuality, it contributes to improving the organisational climate by helping to strengthen the feeling of belonging to the group, developing the company culture, it reinforces the loyalty of the employees and boosts the attraction of the organisation. The worker, in turn, sees the transport offered by their company as an additional incentive that gives them comfort by not having to worry about arranging their own transport and the stress of driving at rush hour.

The social benefits of corporate transport are considerable and they form part of the arguments of a modern organisation concerned about the respect for their surroundings and which accepts social responsibility. The transfer of employees, on regular routes and in a smaller group of vehicles, drastically reduces CO2 emissions and other pollutants responsible for global warming and climate change, at the same time as reducing problems of traffic congestion in large cities.

At Autobuses Vialco we offer all of our means to meet your transport needs. For the purpose of your organisation being able to meet its objectives efficiently, we will make the know-how and professionalism of a great human team available to you.

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